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Service pricing is set at a starting price point based on an average length/product used/time taken to complete your service. If you have very long/thick hair that requires extra product, your color/highlight/chemical service price might be higher than listed. Pricing is subject to increase on an individual case by case basis. Please call the salon directly for a personalized price quote tailored to your needs.

Crystal Salt


Short/Clipper Haircut $31

(Short cut using clippers or scissors. This cut is above jaw length. Timing is up to 30min. Wash may be included upon request. No blow dry)  

Medium to Long length (Haircut Only) $43+

(This cut is any length from the jaw and below. Wash may be included upon request. *Additional charge of $10 will be added to Hair longer than mid-back with timing over 45min*. No blow dry)

Wash, Cut & Blow dry $53+

(Wash/cut/blow dry all included. This pricing is for ALL  haircut lengths and genders wanting a cut with wash and blow dry. *Additional $10min will be added to any cut with timing over 45min*. Additional charge for Iron styling)

Wash/Blow dry $43+

(Regular wash and blow dry all lengths. *Additional charge will be added to any blow dry with timing over 45min* Additional charge for iron styling)

Curling Iron/Flat Iron only $43+

(Curling iron or flat iron service. Wash and blow dry not included)

Bangs/Neck/Beard Trim $12-$15+

(Bang trim, back of neck hairline clean up, or beard clean up/shaping/trim using edger clipper. We do not offer hot shave or razor shaving. No wash or blow dry included)

Children's Haircut (13yrs&under) $31+

(All genders any length. *Additional $10 charge will be added if time exceeds 30min*. Wash included upon request.

no blow dry)

Children's Wash/Cut/Blow dry (13yrs&under) $38

(Wash with regular blow dry included. *additional $10 charge will be added for any cut with blow dry over 45min*. Additional charge for iron styling)



Keratin Treatment $310+

(Smoothing treatment for frizzy unruly hair. If you have curly hair we can leave your curl pattern intact or reduce curl up to 50% please speak to your stylist at the time of your appointment to ensure the out come is as you requested. Pricing for short hair length starting at jaw and above is $170. Keratin service comes with shampoo and conditioner for at home maintenance.)

Olaplex $28+

(Bond builder to strengthen and repair hair. This is also a great service for Curly hair, coarse hair, or naturally gray hair to add manageability and help seal the hair cuticle from the inside. This service is not just for chemically treated hair. It can be done as a stand alone treatment on non-chemically treated hair or added to any color service. Olaplex is safe for children. If your hair is feeling exceptionally dry or damaged we suggest you follow this service with our deep conditioning service as well to both strengthen and moisturize your hair for best results. Olaplex is Vegan, cruelty free and uses raw natural ingredients. Blow dry not included.)

Deep Conditioning Treatment $25+

(Does your hair feel dry and dull? If so this is the treatment for you! We have a couple deep conditioning options depending on your hairs needs to revitalize and replenish your mane. The average time for this add on service is 15-30 min. Don't have time to sit? Ask about our express 9 second "Miracle Water"

conditioning treatment! Add it to a service or book alone. Blow dry not included.)

Deep Clarifying Treatment $48+

(For the removal of mineral/chlorine/product buildup. Great for anyone with hard/soft water and well water. A deep hair cleanse for a clean fresh start. This is also a great service for any avid swimmers to remove the pool chemicals from the hair that may cause tangling, dryness, and discoloration. Safe for children. Blow dry not included.)


** Aqua Brand: Tape-in Extensions and Hidden Bead Sewn in Extensions Offered**

(Please contact the salon to set up a free consultation appointment. We offer a wide array of color selections including Vivid/fashion/Fantasy colors. Aqua extensions are 100% human hair and can be styled just like your own hair. Full or partial extensions may be colored darker to match your hair (but not lightened due to the production process) or dyed to a vivid color of your choosing for an additional $65 )

Single Vivid/Fashion/Fantasy color Tape in Extension starts at $25 each (pricing is for up to 4 single extensions per head Totaling $100)

(This is a great service to add a pop of color to hair with out the damage of lightning for kids and adults alike. We have color selections available but if you don't see the color your looking for we can custom dye the extension(s) to your chosen shade for an additional $20 charge. Over 4 single extensions is a partial head and requires a separate pricing quote)

**A Full or Partial head of Extensions Requires an in salon consultation appointment for personalized price quote**

**Now offering Beaded Sew-in  

A 50% minimum non- refundable Reservation fee is required to book your appointment after completing your consultation. 

Color Services

(Blow dry and haircuts are not included in color pricing. For best color results please wash your hair at least 3 days before your color appointment to ensure that the natural oils/product build up do not block the color from covering properly. If we have to wash your hair before your color appointment there will be an extra charge. You may wash your hair the same day if you like, but it is recommended that you have at least 1 day unwashed hair so your natural oils create a barrier on your scalp to protect from potential irritation). If you arrive to your appointment with very wet hair and we have to blow dry additional blow dry charge will be added.

Full Color $70+

(Root to ends all over single color. Cut/blow dry not included. This service is not for highlight clients unless you want to cover your highlights. Additional $20 charge for each additional bowl of color used)

Root Retouch $60+

(Single color root re-touch maintenance. This is not for hi-light clients unless you get a base root color and you are just retouching your base color root without the hi-light service. Additional $20 charge for each additional bowl of color used)

Glaze/Toner $40+

(Demi-permanent color for gray blending, re-toning blondes, and no commitment same color or darker color change. Softer grow out. Lasts about 4-6 weeks. Example: you want to tint your brown hair a red-ish tone or you don't want to commit to an all over permanent color to blend gray. Additional $20 charge for each additional bowl of color)

Partial Hi-Light $85+

(For new hi/lo-light clients and retouching existing hi/lo-lights a partial hi/low-light adds dimension to the top, sides and a little over lay in the back. Starting price is for single color. Add $20 for each additional color and bowl. Base color retouch not included. Toner not included) 

Full Hi-Light $100+

(For new hi/lo-light clients and retouching existing hi/low-lights, full hi-light adds all over dimension. Starting price is for single color. Add $20 for each additional color. Base color not included. Toner not included)

Face Frame Hi-Light $45+

(This can be just around the hair line, "Money piece", or mohawk section or combination of the previously mentioned. About 8-10 foils. Great for adding just a little dimension,  brightening up or adding depth. Base color not included.  Toner not included.)

Partial Hi-Light/Color $140+

(Single color partial hi/lo-light with just root retouch. Add additional $20 charge for full root to ends color and/or additional foil color. Toner not included .This is for clients that get a root color re-touch/full color and a hi-light)

Full Hi-Light/Color $170+

(Single color full hi/lo-light with just root retouch. Add additional $20 charge for full root to ends color and/or additional foil color. Toner not included .This is for clients that get a root color re-touch/full color and a hi-light)

Balayage starts at $205+

(Open air or "foilage" hair painting technique. This is a great low maintenance hi-light technique that produces a lived in style hi-light that blends seamlessly. Toner not include)

Color Corrections Start at $205+

(call for a more personalized Quote)

(Color corrections are for anyone wanting to go lighter all over from a dark color or darker from blonde, all over root to ends blonding services *example: you want to go platinum blonde from any color or dark from blonde* , Complete color makeovers.)

Vivid/Fashion/Fantasy Hair Coloring

(From just 1 streak to all over multi coloring, The following services are for our mermaids, unicorns and lovers of fun color. As with all of our color services, blow dry and hair cuts are not included in the following service prices)

Direct Dye removal $50+

(Just the removal of vivid/fashion/fantasy colors. Does not include toner or new colors. If you wish to change color or have a natural toner applied once the vivid is removed please choose the appropriate service to follow your removal from the menu)

Single foil with Vivid color $35

(1 foil only lightened and single vivid color application)

Single streak Vivid color Refresh $15

(No lightening. This is just to refresh your chosen color once faded or can be added to follow the direct dye removal if you want to change colors.)

Face frame/Peek-a-Boo Vivid $85+

(Up to 8 foils around face/in top/or hidden. Includes lightening process and single color choice. Add $20 for each additional color)

Face frame/Peek-Boo Vivid color Refresh $45+

(No lightening. This is just to refresh your faded chosen single color or can be added to follow the direct dye removal if you want to change colors. Add $20 charge for each additional color)

Full Hi-light w/Vivid color application $200+

(Full hi-light lightening service with single vivid color application. Add $20 for each additional color choice.

This is a great service for someone that wants the look of an over all Vivid color but not the price tag *example: Check out our work on our Red to Orange color melt, split blue/purple dye, and pink hair client photos under "our clients" on the "about us page") 

All over Vivid color $315+

(Includes root to ends lightening service and single vivid color choice all over application. Add $20 for each additional chosen color and extra color bowls)

Customized Vivid coloring

**Call for Pricing Quote**

(Don't see what you're looking for on the above menu? Reach out to us today for a personalized quote, we love hearing from you!!)


**Color pricing is based on average amounts used/time it takes to complete service and subject to increase based on individual needs*


Facial Waxing

Eyebrow wax $13

(just eyebrow wax)

Eyebrow Design (wax & tint) $28

(eyebrow wax with eyebrow coloring)

Eyebrow & Lip wax $21

(eyebrow wax & upper lip hair removal)

Lip wax $13

(just upper lip hair removal)

Chin Wax $13

(just chin hair removal)

Other Services

Consultation *Free*

(For Personalized color/cut/or other hair related needs)

Client Testimonials


brenda dionne

"Kelly is fabulous. She takes her time giving the perfect cut and color. I really love the blue and purple glazes she has put in my hair. She uses top quality products like Olaplex. I would recommend her to everyone"

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